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Fabulous roads

The vertiginous roads built by force of will during the second part of the XIXth century surprise by their bold tracks on the cliffs and invite you to extend your trip in Vercors …

La route de Presles
At the exit of Pont-en-Royans, 7 km connect the Bourne valley to the plateau of Coulmes. The Presles road dominates the Allier plateau and offers a view of the Vercors Highlands.

The Ecouges Route
Of all the doors of the Vercors, that of the Ecouges is the most breathtaking and the most picturesque. The dizzying waterfall of the Drevenne, which seems to block the passage and the bold cantilever carved in the cliff explain it enough.

The Nan Gorge Road
Corbelled road, hanging on the rock, pierced by several tunnels. A stop is needed between the second and third tunnel to enjoy a breathtaking view !.
Beyond the gorges, the road accesses the circus of Malleval.

Combe Laval Road and Circus
Altitude 253 m to 1015 m.
Tourist route cornice carved into the rock between St-Jean-en-Royans and Col de la Machine.
Belvedere at the Col de la Machine, 10115 m above sea level, you overlook the Orthodox Monastery, magnificent viewpoint.

Road and belvedere Col de Rousset
This pass marks the climatic limit of the northern and southern Alps: Provence on one side, green mountain on the other. The contrast is particularly noticeable when time makes its quirks: mists on one side, bright sky on the other!

The Little Gulets
The road has been carved into the rock, and the sun never enters the parade of the Goulets, mossy and wet. It feels like entering a cave. The Vernaison descends in cascades and the road is corbelled along the wall.

The Bourne gorge
A grandiose and vertiginous route, classified 3 stars in the Michelin Guide, the Gorges de la Bourne road is the longest of the typical Vercors routes. The road cut in the cliff was opened to traffic in 1872 after 11 years of work.


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