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Grotte de thais

Follow your guide through an underground landscape once invaded by water, today punctuated by rock sculptures with natural pigments. In this millennial cave, relive the life of the Cro-Magnon man. Thaïs illustrates with its sculpted rocks and exceptional colors the.. Read more

Fabulous roads

The vertiginous roads built by force of will during the second part of the XIXth century surprise by their bold tracks on the cliffs and invite you to extend your trip in Vercors … La route de Presles At the.. Read more


Pont-en-Royans, located at the entrance of the Gorges de la Bourne is one of the gateways to the Vercors Regional Nature Park. The village is recognized as one of the most curious boroughs in Dauphiné thanks to its houses suspended.. Read more

Bateau a Roue Royans Vercors

Guided cruise on the river Isère between the villages of La Sône and St Nazaire in Royans. Discovery of fauna and flora, the banks of the Isere. Historical approach of the places and villages crossed. Lunch cruises. Boat “Royans-Vercors”, one.. Read more

Palais idéal du facteur cheval

It all started in April 1879 when Ferdinand Cheval, a country postman, stumbled upon a strange stone. This led to 33 years of perseverance and dedication in building his ideal palace, alone in his garden, using only nature, postcards and.. Read more

Peynet Bandstand

Listed as a Historical Monument, this bandstand became famous thanks to the painter Peynet. One night in 1942, the artist painted a scene that was happening under his eyes: a violinist was playing for one single admiring spectator, sitting on.. Read more

Park Jouvet

Situated at the heart of the town, it was inaugurated by the French President Emile Loubet in 1905. Since 1942 it has been listed “monuments naturels et sites à caractère artistique”. Over 700 rare and varied trees provide a setting.. Read more

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